The Busy Mom’s Guide to Freezer to Slow Cooker Meals: Set it and Forget it! Real Food, Real Fast!

By Melissa Griffiths

This is the cooking method that is going to make your life SO MUCH EASIER!!! 

“What’s for dinner?!” is constantly looming in the back of your mind, and I’m here to make the question go away. I have worked for months figuring out, testing, and perfecting 14 amazing healthy REAL FOOD recipes. 

On prep day, you toss what you need for the meal in a freezer bag (there’s NO cooking on prep day either)! Just toss everything into the bag raw) and pop it in the freezer. On the day you want to make the meal, you simply dump the frozen contents of the bag into your slow cooker and dinner is done! A few of the meals will need you to prep some extra vegetables, rice/pasta, or other sides, but knowing what you are having for dinner makes a few little tasks at dinner time feel easy.

The book comes with vegetarian, chicken, beef, and pork recipes the whole family will enjoy.

- No more worrying about what's for dinner!

- Save time and money!

- Feed your family wholesome food they will love!


The recipes in this eBook are family favorites made with pretty squeaky ‘clean’ ingredients. Canned beans, coconut milk, and tomatoes are just about as processed as I got.  


Free your mind from the ever-present question of "What's for Dinner?"


These recipes are made of wholesome ingredients, and are meals the whole family will want to eat.


Adults and kids alike love these recipes, and you will, too!


Just toss the frozen contents of a bag into your slow cooker and dinner is done in a flash! 


"Melissa and her freezer to slow cooker recipes have seriously changed the way I cook for my family and reduced my stress level as a busy mom of four. I love that every single recipe is made with simple, healthy ingredients and I love even more that my entire family (including my picky toddler) loves them!"

- Tiffany of Feel Great in 8

"This book is a life-changer! No more staring into the fridge wondering what to eat for dinner while a pack of hungry kids circle around you. I love that the recipes are simple, delicious meals that will satisfy everyone in the house (there are even quite a few vegetarian options). You gotta get your hands on this book!"

- Cassie of Back to Her Roots

"I love the idea of no cooking on prep day!!! I think it's AMAZING!!!" 

- Lacie

"The eBook is fantastic! I cannot wait to try all the recipes! I'm especially excited for the lentil ones!" 

- Katie

"Getting a healthy meal on the table for my family every night can be tricky, despite our best intentions. Whether we've got afternoon ballet class, someone is sick, or we didn't make it to the grocery store, having a healthy, whole-foods meal waiting for you can be such a life safer! 

I love that these don't involve pre-cooking anything and so many are one-pot wonders. You'll love Melissa's easy, family-friendly approach to make-ahead dinners. It will simplify your own life AND make it easier for friends with new babies or neighbors who could use a little help. Well done, Melissa!"

- Emily of One Lovely Life


The chapters in The Busy Mom’s Guide to Freezer to Cooker Meals include:

  • Welcome to the Cooking Method That Is Going to Change Your Life
  • Slow Cooker Burnout, the Struggle Is Real
  • Cook Once, Eat Twice
  • The Gift
  • Here’s the Best Part
  • Everything You Need to Know Before You Start
  • How About That Slow Cooker
  • A Final Word for Success
  • Recipes
  • Shopping List
  • About the Author

You'll have all the resources you need to rock this cooking method!


These aren't your mama's slow cooker recipes! Recipes include Lentil-Butternut Squash Curry, Butter Chicken, Cranberry-Mustard Pork Roast, Sloppy Joes, and Cilantro Lime Chicken with Corn and Black Beans, plus 9 more! You will love the varity!


Let's get dinner on the table! Buy the eBook on its own, or get more bang for your buck with the Silver or Gold packages:

GOLD PACKAGE - Best Value!

"The Busy Mom's Guide to Freezer to Slow Cooker Meals"

PLUS "Baker's Dozen Bread Recipes"

PLUS "Real Food for Real Families." This book is all about getting your family to eat real food, no health store needed. It includes tons of tips, tricks, a 2 week meal plan (including 14 real food recipes the whole family will love), as well a shopping lists and tool for success. This is a great addition to your library and will further help you solve the "what's for dinner?!" dilemma. You'll love it!


"The Busy Mom's Guide to Freezer to Slow Cooker Meals"

PLUS "Baker's Dozen Bread Recipes." This book has some of my all time favorite bread, muffin, roll, and biscuit recipes, all put into one lovely eBook. I hand-picked 13 of my favorite bread recipes that accompany the slow cooker meals perfectly. With all the extra time you'll be saving, you can spend a little time in the kitchen with the kids making a fun bread side dish (hot homemade pretzels go so great with the Lentil Stew)!


"The Busy Mom's Guide to Freezer to Slow Cooker Meals!"



Get "The Busy Mom's Guide to Freezer to Slow Cooker Meals!"  



The Basic package + "Baker's Dozen Bread Recipes" eBook!



Get the Silver package + my "Real Food for Real Families" eBook!


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What if I don't like the eBook?

I truly believe you'll love these recipes and this cooking method. But on the slim chance that you don't, I offer a 30 day guarantee. Just email me at melissa [at]!

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